anna, they/them/their, fond of films and poetry and lucky enough to have seen dallas les mis. i want to be a city when i grow up

ok im rrrrreeeeally tired & just started feeling like throwing up fr some reason so ?? gnight probably

grungy upside-down hipster polaroid selfies, aka my Niche

shit… can u link me the photo….. mine is sadly missing any album art

yeah ofc!!! here’s the original unedited one do with it what u wish


the sky on the subway tonight

Anónimo asked:
Heyyy just wanted to say you're awesome!!

ahh hhhh thanks friend!!! :-)))

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i played the sims for an hour and a half and now i’m out of touch with the world and my life

Endless List of Animated Movie Couples:
Kida and Milo

holy shit i never finished my dallas lm writeup i feel so bad