oliver, they/them/their, fond of films and poetry and lucky enough to have seen dallas les mis. i want to be a city when i grow up

sometimes i still think about the one dtc les mis actor (whose name i can’t remember for the life of me which sucks but i’m pretty sure he was one of les amis) who told me he’d read my letter and just loved it not only because he thought it was well-written but because, in his words, i looked at the show with the right mindset and got exactly what they were trying to do with it and expressed it well and then he mentioned seeing me during the finale “looking up at the stage like this” [clasped hands under his chin with this huge smile yes that’s exactly what i looked like] and said “you know, sometimes when you’ve been doing stuff like this for a while, you get a little jaded about the whole thing. but seeing how much you loved it and how enthusiastic you were, it melted me right down to the core of my cynical little heart” and it was all i could do not to cRY

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